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Understand your options... Original Medicare, Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage Plans and/or Stand Alone Prescription  Drug Plans?

  • Understand how Original Medicare (Part A & B) & Prescription Drug Plans (Part D) work & what they cover.

  • Original Medicare doesn't have a "safety net". There's no limit to the cost you might incur for services in a catastrophe. We’ll show you how to protect your finances!

  • We'll explain your choices, enrollment periods & show you how to avoid late enrollment penalties.

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 Reduce Your Out of Pocket Healthcare Costs!

"Prevention is worth a Pound of Cure"

This old adage speaks the truth!  A healthy lifestyle will reduce your healthcare costs due to lower incidences of illness, heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.  Moderate exercise, a healthy diet focusing on unprocessed foods and the avoidance of sugary carbohydrates, sodas (diet soda included) can result in a remarkable improvement in your health outcome which will likely result in a reduction in your out of pocket medical costs. 

Statistically, 50% of  American adults will have Type II Diabetes or are PreDiabetic. This healthcare epidemic is quickly becoming a National Healthcare Crisis!  Increased risk of heart disease, stroke, & amputations are related to complications from diabetes. This is largely preventable and often REVERSABLE!  How will you rewrite your future healthcare outcome? Are you content to accept declining health and an increased dependence on expensive medications? Or are you motivated to learn more and improve or even reverse your health risks?  

Know your risk! Check out this terrific site: DoIHavePrediabetes.org  to know your risk;  reduce it and/or  learn how to avoid it! Click here for more information.

To read the article published in Forbes Magazine, click here.

Understanding Medicare

Choosing a Medicare Plan

A Guide to Medicare A & B

Part D - Prescription Drug Plans

Don't Confuse "Under Observation" with "Inpatient" During Your Hospital Stay.

Staying overnight in a hospital doesn't always mean you're considered an "inpatient". You only become an "inpatient" when a hospital formally classifies you as such under guidelines set by Medicare. Many times patients are labeled as "Under Observation", which means Medicare won't pay for rehabilitation services in a nursing facility or home health care, if needed after your hospital stay. 

Protect Yourself from this Under Observation and Inpatient Confusion

A Medico Short Term Recovery Care Insurance Policy helps to pay for rehabilitation services in a nursing facility or home health care after a hospital stay regardless of how you were classified in the hospital.

These plan options offer:

  • Daily Benefit Amount Options between $100-$300

  • Benefit Periods of 120, 240, or 360 days

  • Elimination Periods of 0, 15 or 30 days

  • 10% Household Discount